NY Copywriter Willing to Take You Offside

Looking to unleash your darkest passions? You’ve been naughty, and now you’ve found your copywriter. My name is Gorgeous George. I live in New York, NY, and I’m here to help you create, question and explore your alternative self. I’ll write for you and make you shine, like a rainbow-covered, glitter-crapping unicorn. And I’ll pinch you too — hard — just so you know you’re not dreaming.

Want ‘smart content’? Go to what the mundane, Starbucks-filled, Gap-loving mainstream calls the best. Want to grow a set of steel nards, and release your brave, uninhibited alter ego? Then strap on my monster-sized content writing skills and go from zero to super-charged, ultra-cool hero. Go deep, get whipped and seal the deal.
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